Independent study

It is half way through the semester! I cannot believe it!

I am currently working on capstone project for the honors department. This is an independent study that all honors students do in order to graduate with University Honors. This project gives me an opportunity to don research of my choice and also to choose a professor I would like to work with. This is nice because it is different from the typical classroom setting.

I am working with a professor from the Communications department on research regarding hiring and recruiting. This is beneficial for college students since we all want a job once we are through at NIU. It is motivating me to do well with this project since it is something I chose to do.

I will soon be participating in the alumni mentor dinner. This is a dinner held once every semester to give students a chance to network with alumni in their field of study or potential career choice. This is a great time not only to practice networking skills, but also to get great insight into my potential career path.

Both of these opportunities have helped me to be a better developed individual. The independent study has made me very efficient. This project is on my own timeline (for the most part). If it does not get accomplished it is solely on me, much like tasks in the workforce. The alumni dinner will help to make connections with companies that would possibly hire me someday.


Good luck with midterms, Go Huskies!





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