Independent study

It is half way through the semester! I cannot believe it!

I am currently working on capstone project for the honors department. This is an independent study that all honors students do in order to graduate with University Honors. This project gives me an opportunity to don research of my choice and also to choose a professor I would like to work with. This is nice because it is different from the typical classroom setting.

I am working with a professor from the Communications department on research regarding hiring and recruiting. This is beneficial for college students since we all want a job once we are through at NIU. It is motivating me to do well with this project since it is something I chose to do.

I will soon be participating in the alumni mentor dinner. This is a dinner held once every semester to give students a chance to network with alumni in their field of study or potential career choice. This is a great time not only to practice networking skills, but also to get great insight into my potential career path.

Both of these opportunities have helped me to be a better developed individual. The independent study has made me very efficient. This project is on my own timeline (for the most part). If it does not get accomplished it is solely on me, much like tasks in the workforce. The alumni dinner will help to make connections with companies that would possibly hire me someday.


Good luck with midterms, Go Huskies!





first week at NIU

It is my last semester at NIU. This is so bitter sweet for me. It will be very hard to leave here, it has become my home. I wanted to make sure that I took classes that I would enjoy, that would also let me gradate this semester.

My classes are:

EPS 426- The future of psychedelics, this is my honors seminar. This class talks about the history and future of psychedelic drugs. It is interesting to see all the research going into this topic. 

COMS 480- Communication in conflicts, this is probably my favorite class this semester. It is interesting to see the cultural cliché’s that we have about conflict.  

COMS 355- Media writing, this was my elective for this semester. I have no experience in media writing so it is nice to be learning something new.

PSYCH 324- Child development, this class always starts off with a YouTube clip about kids. It is great to see all the great things happening around the world with children and how we as a society can better the future generations.

PSYCH 413 (plus the lab)- Clinical Laboratory, this is my most challenging class. We have plenty of research that needs to me done to keep me busy. I am doing my study on the effects if social anxiety on self esteem. It is great to get real world research experience from a class.

I am also in the process of completing my honors capstone project. This is an independent study I get to do alongside a professor of choice. I am excited to see what kind of results I will find.


It has been a great time adjusting to  being back in classes. I am ready to take on my last semester.

I am also excited for the football games to start, amongst all my school work, I so also have fun on the weekends!


Happy Fall Semester!

Hi, my name is Gabriella Sanchez. I am a double major in Corporate Communications and Psychology. As a northern lights ambassador, I work in the communications and new initiatives committee. I am from Oswego Illinois, which is 40 minutes from DeKalb. I come from a larger family. I am the middle of five children.


In my free time I like to spend time with my family and friends. I am so involved on campus, that I view my involvement also as hobbies. My activities keep me engaged on campus, which is great!

I am involved in Pi Sigma Epsilon. This is a co-ed business fraternity that has helped me to get real life business experience. I also hold a couple campus jobs which are a fun way to make some extra money at school!

I chose NIU because it was a home away from home. As soon as I visited NIU I felt welcomed. It was extremely important to me to have a “homey” feeling with the university I chose.


I chose to be an NLA to help reach out to all students at NIU. I know the importance of involvement and would love to share it with others. I have a strong pride for NIU and also want to share that with many students. I am most excited to share my passion for NIU and involvement.

There are many experiences that have stood out to me while here on campus. One of the most memorable ones was joining Lambda Sigma sophomore honor society. This was the first time that I join an organization on campus, so it really showed me what it meant to be involved. I believe that this opened the door for me to join many more organizations on campus. Joining organizations has led to friendships and relationships that will last a life time. Going to college means getting a degree, but it also means so much more than that. It means developing yourself and others, gaining long lasting friendships, learning life lessons and so much more.


So make the most of this precious time, it only comes once!


Welcome home huskies!